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Welcome to Geotrail

Geotrail is an online trail map that provides information on over 1000 trails from all over Ontario and across Canada. Users can search our growing trail cloud for any number of trails, from a variety of locations, all in one place. Search your region, find your trail, and go outside.

As a geosocial enterprise, we also work with our network of partners including cities, conservation authorities and tourism agencies to help manage, promote and communicate trail networks and eco-tourism programming.  Specialized hikes and tours have a number of points of interest that can be explored through the click of a mouse, giving users a brief look at things to see when they head out on the trail.  For more information on these tools, click here.

Geotrail’s goal is simple:  To make trails easy, fun, safe and sustainable.


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Other Geotrail News

  • Featured Trail Area
    The Royal Botanical Gardens’ trail system is much larger than most people realize. With over 27 kilometres of trails, there is enough to keep an avid hiker occupied for weeks. From a mix of environments, to a variety of locations, the RBG network touches many parts of the Greater Hamilton and Burlington area.The trail system is essentially broken into four areas: The Escarpment, Cootes Paradise North Shore, Cootes Paradise South Shore, and the Hendry Valley. Read more.
  • RBG walk? There's an app for that
    When approached about the project, "We jumped on it. We've been talking about how can we better promote the trails to people. There's so much amazing technology out there. We're definitely going down that route." Read more.
  • Geotrail in Paradise Found Magazine
    Geotrail was featured in Paradise Found Magazine, the official magazine of the Royal Botanical Gardens. "Before you get back to nature ... Check out the 27 kms of RBG trails online with our latest web-based tool, Geotrail. Plan your hike, plot out the highlights and download the maps to your smart phone." Read more.